Making a difference in someones life

I was on Facebook this morning, trying to wake up drinking coffee wasting my morning away. When I came across my nephew who had posted this video of a homeless man. This video was just talking about how people are nowadays. The point that really stuck out to me was tht this man has nothing, he said ” I play music and the only thing I want out of life is to make a positive influence on somebody else’s….You can always change somebody’s life for the negative but it’s a lot harder to change somebody’s life for the positive.” This really got me thinking about how I’m doing the spiritual monthly challenges. You know at first I really thought it was kind of for myself, I really thought that my goddess was telling me to do it for myself. I don’t have that many people who read my blog and it doesn’t really mean much to me because my blog it’s just something for me to be able to write what I want to say. But I realized then I wasn’t called to do this for myself, I really would like to do this to maybe make a positive influence in somebody else’s life.