Its been so long since I wrote. But that is because my manifestation of living in the country in a beautiful home with a garden has came alive. I honestly was surprised when we found this house. Now in my manifestation we owned this house but in reality we just rent it. But when we walked in the door it was like hitting the lottery.

Making a difference in someones life

I was on Facebook this morning, trying to wake up drinking coffee wasting my morning away. When I came across my nephew who had posted this video of a homeless man. This video was just talking about how people are nowadays. The point that really stuck out to me was tht this man has nothing, he said ” I play music and the only thing I want out of life is to make a positive influence on somebody else’s….You can always change somebody’s life for the negative but it’s a lot harder to change somebody’s life for the positive.” This really got me thinking about how I’m doing the spiritual monthly challenges. You know at first I really thought it was kind of for myself, I really thought that my goddess was telling me to do it for myself. I don’t have that many people who read my blog and it doesn’t really mean much to me because my blog it’s just something for me to be able to write what I want to say. But I realized then I wasn’t called to do this for myself, I really would like to do this to maybe make a positive influence in somebody else’s life.

Full Moon

Are you all ready for the Full Moon Tonight. Well technically it was this morning. ha ha But what is your focus for tonight? What rituals are you going to perform if any?

Today is my husbands birthday and yesterday was mine, so by tradition we always stay up and kiss each other at midnight when my birthday switches to his. So I haven’t had much time to think of what I was going to do tonight. I have spent everyday practicing my manifestations and listening to the Goddess The Morrigan and meditating on what my days should hold and planing for the future that I never even though about this full moon. So Here is my quick, ritual ahead worksheet I use when I just total space.

February 30 day Challenge

February’s Focus is on love. And I don’t mean the Love of Valentines Day. Valentines Day to me is just a day when you all of a sudden remember to show love to others with crappy cards, balloons, and flowers. I have always despised the day, so this month will not be a focus on remembering a loved one for one day …it’s about finding the love that is within you. Everyday there is people who are in you life whom you love with every once of soul you have.. My husband and children are those people… So why does it take a specific day to say I love you. I don’t agree it does. But to find the love that we truly wish to express everyday has to start within ourselves.