New Store Ideas would love input

So AS you all know Im looking to open a one stop pagan shop that offers classes and information with the products you can purchase but I had a great idea and would like your feedback. What about a Kids Corner product list. Where you can buy “pagan” kits. So for example The Element of Earth kids kit would come with a “crystal search” Some sort of box with soil and crystals in it that kids can find and id with cards that come with it. After they “find” the crystals you can then use the soil to plant herbs or flowers with seeds that come with the kit. Along with the seeds, soil, and crystals is also Earth information, and worksheets.
What do you think. If your a pagan parent would you be excited to be able to purchase “pagan” activity kits to do with your kids?

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  1. I’m no parent, but I could imagine in the future getting such a thing for my hypothetical kids. I would imagine that they’d love it. It sounds both fun and informative. I love the idea. And going with the whole element thing, you could also do a theme with water, fire, and air. Like a beach themed one for water, with seashells and sand, a bit of ocean water. Good luck on your shop!

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