Cleaning and Organizing Witchy Style

So as you all know I am a mother of three girls, 8,4,and 4 months. Well actually tomorrow my 4-year-old turns 5 and I have getting my house in a proper state haha after barley being able to move towards the end of my pregnancy into having a newborn 🙂 So to say at least my house feels like a disaster to me. Oh and add in my foster kitty Sophie having 5 kittens and well yeah I was losing it. This is all kind of ironic because when my oldest turn 5 and her sister was a year or younger I cleaned and organized people homes for extra cash. So I’m saying everyone’s home gets to that point especially with kids. I am also writing this because I believe when you house holds chaos by clutter and junk so does the atmosphere, I mean how many times have you got upset because of household chores that didn’t get done or built up crap! So I just wanted to kinda do a random post and share how I go from momma hoarding to show room status.

  1. At this point you have started to hate yourself. You look around the room and see nothing but chaos and blame yourself for causing it. So Stop! Yep when you look around the room and see a spot and say…”crap that really needs cleaned, ugh I’m such a failure!” turn it into “crap that needs clean, I’m going to tackle that area for x amount of minutes and make it look beautiful, and I’m beautiful for doing so”
  2. If you have thrown out any cleaning routine then now is the time to reexamine why it failed and make it work. Remember it really doesn’t matter when you clean as long as it gets done. I would start out slow doing a couple of things and add to it just so that it gets easier as the days go on. Mine for example:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        6:30-7 am: Wake up                                                                                                                          7-8 am: Get my oldest ready for school and on the bus                                                             8-9 am: Hubby time.                                                                                                                          9-10 am: Morning routine*
    • Kitchen
      • wash any dishes put away dry dishes
      • clean off stove/microwave/counters
      • sweep
    • Bathroom
      • toilet
      • mirror
      • counter
      • cat box
      • sweep
    • Bedroom
      • make bed
      • reorganize bedroom and throw away any trash
  3. Put a time limit on how long it’s going to take you to get through that room and stick with it. Make it a challenge and even reward yourself. Like order a pizza or even better DATE NIGHT! That way you have something to look forward to. Plus if your like me, for some reason every time I clean my bedroom I swear I find enough change to even pay for DATE NIGHT!!! haha
  4. With whole home cleaning or spring cleaning it is best to start in a room that maybe not used as much as others. This is how I personally do it: I gather : 1 trash bag, 1 cardboard box for donations, then bins/box for each room and label them, a bin for toys, and a reuse box because as I clean I can use these items to later come in and reorganize it to make it more manageable.
  5. This is my process of cleaning each room for a full house clean:
    1. Start from the left and work your way around clockwise
    2. De-clutter, and put any thing that is not supposed to be in that room in the box labeled with the correct area it should go. If you havent used an item or worn an item in more than a year donate it! There is also an awesome thing I found : Start out by having all your hangers backwards. As you do laundry and wear certain things when you place them back on the road have them be the opposite. At the end of the year or six months if it’s a seasonal item then it really isn’t being used and you should then donate those items. And ladies I understand those jeans you have tucked in the back of the closet, that one day you will fit into, I have a pair that’s 7 years old. lol
    3. After you have uncluttered then it is time to actually clean it. Grab your cleaning products of choice and go at it! I personally do everything with either bleach (cold season) or lysol all-purpose and dawn dish soap. vinegar does work but I gauge the whole time I use it so I prefer not to. Here is some witchy cleaning product ideas also
      1. Baking soda –  remember you can crush up herbs and place it with baking soda to give a sent or do magical workings. If you want to bring love into your bedroom use roses… even rose oil. This works great on carpets. just spread let sit 15-30 min than vacuum
      2. vinegar most recipes have water added to the vinegar you can always do a fusion with herbs in the water or add oils.
      3. Holy Water – how to make it here. you can alway
    4. After everything is finally clean you can now sage it. Get that music on and not only sage it but after it has been cleared put positive great energy into it. Act a fool with your kids, dance, sing…. or even grab your hubby and create some love mojo in your fresh bedroom!
    5. Remember those bins that we used with each room labeled… well as you make you way around the house, and hit each room, its time to go back and put away all the stuff that was in a wrong room. You can either do this as you finish each room individually or when your completely done with the house.
    6. This is also time to look through your reuse box and see what you can use to reorganize certain messes. I know this sounds weird but I go and sit in each room and make a list of what normally gets trashed easily. Then go to my reuse box and figure out how to solve my problem. For example I just deep cleaned my kitchen and have Jelly glass jars, formula plastic bins and coffee cans. I cleaned them all up, painted them with chalk board paint and used them for various reasons: glass jars for pens and pencils, formula bins for my little pony’s and shopkins, coffee cans to hold hair brushes combs, creams. I have also used old antibiotic medicine bottles cleaned them really well and put in thumb tacks or Bobbie pins.
    7. This is when I bless and seal the whole house. So I completely sage it in a clockwise motion, black salt my windows and doors, add crystals to rooms, or burn incense for what I would like to accomplish like my daughter having testing anxiety I’ll use an incense with lavender here is a good link to for some more herbs you can use.
    8. Here is some tips for when you are cleaning:
      1. If you have children, I personally have 1 bin that the kids can have to put any toy they want into it. As it gets over filled we then go through them and they choose which ones they don’t play with to put away. We also rotate toys. So after I notice they are not interested in certain things we bring up another box with toys and replace unplayed with toys with new “omg I forgot about this” toys haha we also clean them all up at this point
      2. Clothes!!! I now live in a place that has seasons lol so now what I do is in the spring and fall I go through all the clothes and box up/ throw away/donate. Since I have three girls not a lot of clothes get donated. and Since we love to sew I seemed to have started a collection of unwanted clothing that we are going to make into purses or scarfs hahah
      3. When you are really far behind on the laundry and that pile is escaping hahaa its best to start with as many loads as you can do in a day. so say maybe 5 then the next day 4, then 3, …. Then work on doing at least one load a day depending on your family size. Weekends I dedicate to pick out school and work clothes, iron them and having them placed in a special spot in our closets
      4. Break down chores into daily, weekly, monthly biannual and annually. Think of everything that needs or should be done and create your own plan.
    9. Make it FUN!!!!!! and always due at least one thing a day.
    10. Watch Youtube cleaning videos! They will get you inspired on the crap days. Also check out obsessive compulsive cleaners it’s a show from the uk I believe ( I could be wrong) that shows both spectrums of cleaning

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