How to read people’s energy!

A lot of people think that you are born with the gift to read people energy, or have insight in general. Now I believe I was born with it because as a child I had so many experiences that I could never explain. As a person who is just born into an “insightfulness such as mediumship etc, then it can be difficult to grasps and understand, and eventually people but up a brick wall to control this from happening. But on the other hand there is people who wish to either unbrick themselves or choose to open themselves up to be able to connect to the energy that is all around us. But here is the steps that will help in unlocking your ability.

First off there is many different ways to connect, there is connecting through your third eye, or tarot can be used in conjunction, you can also use other divination methods to start with such as pendulum readings, water or mirror scraying. These except third eye connection is all considered divination because you connect to divine wisdom but you have to understand that basically while using these practices you are connecting to an energy. To be able to control, understand and use these techniques you have to implement different techniques into your everyday life.

These are the steps in which I connect to energy and believe everyone who use these technique’s with practice can achieve the same connection I have, even if you are not born with this insight.

1. Meditation!!! is key! Calming you mind down and allowing yourself to accept what is given and give what you have. To start off, I suggest guided meditation. There are tons on youtube, from all different subjects. Like just being able to open your Chakra’s to meditating on the energy of love.  Using mediation is like a phone call in a sense. You listen and receive and then you talk and give out. You personally can’t see how your voice can transmit from an electronic device to another but you know it works and you know how to use it. So basically in your mind is the phone and you are transmitting and receiving through your mind instead of a device.

2. Grounding and Centering. Now once you have been able to calm yourself down and stay in meditation white receiving and giving info. Then you can start on grounding and centering. Grounding is the practice in which you can release energy that is built up within yourself or that you have picked up from others. Just think of the word in general… Grounding… The way I envision is like my feet are firmly grounded into the earth. Which is funny because that is how I ground myself. I normally go outside stick my feet into the grass and close my eyes. I invision all this energy in different colors swirling around my body and down into the earth to be released. Then I invision my legs digging down and turning into roots like a tree. After that I say” From this Earth I have been grounded, my body, my soul, my everything digs deep into this soil, to strength me, and to allow my essence to never fall.” Then my grounding is complete. For centering it is just the process of going into your meditation state but creating a space within your mind as like a home. This is your safe spot. If you are in general just having a shitty day and want to focus just on you and let all the other crap just fall away this would be a great place to enter. When I center myself, I go into my “home space.” This space to me looks like Victorian home where I can just be. I set this place up because as a person who naturally gets bombarded by energy or spirit I can just enter my space and let all of that go. When I want to use my gift I enter into my “home” and allow spirit to “knock” and will answer it. With passed loved ones I normally see them like you would as if you are dreaming, if I am reading someones energy it usually comes in as a white light oval figure and then I receive “picture” images or begin to feel what is going on with that individual. So to have a safe space I am able to break away if need be and I am able to control all the energy that is around me instead of being bombarded by it.

3. Practice. There are several groups on facebook in which you can begin practicing on images. Normally people will post a picture and you just tell them what you pick up on. As you progress through this process I find that in general people become more open to themselves and they stop second guessing themselves. I mean its scary, you don’t want to say something wrong, and you dont want to be just guessing and at first it kinda feels that way… It’s hard to believe in anything that you can’t see but then again we believe in the transmission of cellphone text and talk and even look at wifi… we know it will work but we dont see it. So I find this is the time in which people really develop there gifts and become open to what they can really do!

4. Believing in yourself. This is probably the hardest for me. I have developed my gifts I have read several people and in all honesty I have never had a bad reading. People always tell me its creepy accurate or they are like wait wth how did you know that… But for me I am also blown away. I reread everything that is written to make sure I didn’t have prior knowledge, or that I didnt read them in someway that wasnt through their energy. Which in all honesty is really hard to just read “people” like mentalist style when you are either emailing them, or messaging them on facebook and their fb is private and you’re not friends… But at the end of the day when I know I have what I am supposed to be doing then I know this is just a gift that i need to believe in to help people.

5. Last but finally… Limiting!! When you start to read people and really are focusing on this you need to limit the amount of readings you do everyday or else you will be washed out. Reading people for me can take a lot of energy out of me (depending on the reading and who I am reading) I always ground and make sure I have food handy but you don’t want to be this blaaa of a mess. So limit yourself! As you become more and more involved you can grow your limit. Right now I am comfortable giving five 1 hour readings per day. I never go by time when I read, I just read until I have no more information to share so per person that maybe 15 min or maybe an hour but I will not read for more than 5 hours total per day.

As you progress and learn you may not use these exact techniques because everyone is different. But this is a great way to begin, understand, and grow as an energy reader in general.

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