Digging in YOUR Garden!

As I type this I am filthy! hahaha I have just spent a good two hours digging up my garden area. See I am preparing the soil to become lush so that when I finally plant my seeds they can grow deep roots and not just survive but thrive. See these seeds no matter how big or small they are need nutrients from the soil and in return I get to reap the rewards of a beautiful garden and amazing fresh home-grown foods. And as I was working hard I realized that even though there was a garden in the exact spot some odd years ago, that this ground need completely done all over again.

See every year I will have to do this, each year the ground will become less and less harder but all the nutrients will also go straight into my crop. So I will have to provide more nutrients each year. See as people we think we can just grow… but plants don’t just grow. They need stable ground that’s not to rocky, they need nutrients, water, sun and wildlife. As humans we have lost the connection to the earth that teaches us so much things. We need exactly that to grow. We need stability, we need to take care of ourselves and eat right and drink water, we need happy moments like the sun shining down and we need friends. If we dont have these things that we are going to end up not thriving but just trying to survive.

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